UNetLab 0.8.5-36 Released


What's new on UNetLab 0.8.5-36 (beta).

Finally the first beta of UNetLab has been released. Beta means:

  • not stable;
  • not fully tested;
  • missing a lot of features.

Because many guys asked me for, I changed from closed to open beta. You should not use this beta unless you are good in Linux and can debug issues by yourself.

New features:

  • Cloud devices can interconnect many devices.
  • Web User Interface is HTML based.
  • All images can run within a single environment (no more dealing with multiple hypervisor, virtual machines and compatibility issues).

New supported images:

  • Alcatel 7750
  • Arista vEOS
  • Dynamips
  • Cisco IOU/IOL
  • Cisco XRv
  • Cisco CSR1000V
  • Cisco vIOS
  • Cisco vIOS L2
  • Cisco Titanium
  • Juniper vSRX
Posted on 03 Nov 2014 by Andrea.
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