UNetLab 0.9.0-54 Released


What's new on UNetLab 0.9.0-54 (beta).

Fixed on this release:

  • IOU/IOL nodes do not crash anymore enabling IS-IS protocol.
  • IOU/IOL nodes do not stop if start all button is pressed.
  • Fixed network issue on Cisco CSR routers.
  • Adding multiple networks/nodes work as expected.
  • ASAv now use serial console (see Adding Cisco ASAv images post).

New features:

  • Authentication with multi user support (default username is admin with password unl).
  • Initial config support for both IOU/IOL and Dynamips nodes.
  • Errors should report a better description.
  • Default QEMU is now 2.3.0.

New supported images:

  • Cisco Sourcefire
Posted on 23 Jun 2015 by Andrea.
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