UNetLab 1.0.0-4 Released


What's new on UNetLab 1.0.0-4

Features and Fixed on this release:

  • Windows x64 and x86 Client Management pack installation *.exe, includes Putty, UltraVNC, Wireshark and all that is needed
  • MAC Client Management tutorial
  • Brand new Workspace, all-in-one with all operations done within a single working screen
  • Huge part of the drawing shapes and txt adding to active workspace
    • Drawing square, sphere and resizing them, like show areas in your live topology
    • add custom text, add notes to active screen, like networks IP addressing, etc
  • Mostly wanted part of configurations saving:
    • Export/Importing configurations for nodes:
      • IOL all images
      • Dynamips - all images
      • Cisco CSR v1000
      • Cisco vIOS L2 and L3
      • Cisco Titanium NXOS
      • Cisco ASA ported, all (8.4.2, 9.1.5, 8.0.2)
      • Cisco ASAv all images
      • Cisco XRv all images
      • Arista vEOS all images
      • Juniper vSRX
      • Juniper vMX
      • Docker
    • edit config after exporting
    • edit initials before first boot of node
    • export labs with saved initial configurations
    • many other configuration operations
  • Lab cloning and duplications, useful option when need same lab but with different initial configuration
  • iou-web *.gz importing directly to UNL. No need to convert whole database
  • Images templates improvements
  • Bugs fixed and overall improvements

Known Issues:

  • When upgrading from v96 to v1.0.0-1 nodes in main screen will be closer then in previous view, manual re-ordering needed
  • When importing iou-web labs, main lab topology will be messed, manual re-ordering needed
  • When importing iou-web labs, Image MAP in the attached pictures messed, manual re-ordering needed
Posted on 07 Mar 2016 by Andrea.
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