UNetLab 1.0.0-10 Released


What's new on UNetLab 1.0.0-10


 Make sure you UPGRADE vmware-tools

To Upgrade:

apt-get update
apt-get install unetlab

REFRESH your browsers:
on Chrome shift +F5
on fireFox ctrl +F5

Features and Fixed on this release:

Now you can exit lab when getting error 20003/60000
Large UNL labs import issue fixed
Pfsense FW added with import/export config
Export CFG fixed on dynamips
BRIDGE network logic changed - p2p = hub, many connections to same network = mac-learning
Other minor bug fixes

Known Issues:

* When importing iou-web labs, main lab topology will be messed, manual re-ordering needed
* When importing iou-web labs, Image MAP in the attached pictures messed, manual re-ordering needed
Posted on 18 May 2016 by .
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