UNetLab can be considered the next major version of iou-web, but the software has been rewritten from scratch. The major advantage over GNS3 and iou-web itself is about multi-hypervisor support within a single entity. UNetLab allows to design labs using IOU, Dynamips and QEMU nodes without dealing with multi virtual machines: everything run in- side a UNetLab host, and a lab is a single file including all information needed.

Feedback from UNetLab users

Many users prefer UNetLab over VIRL and GNS3, ready why from their own words.

James Joyce - Moraitis Communications (Australia)

I am using unetlab to build labs from INE and Cisco so I can practice for the practical lab exam for CCIE SP. I got through CCIE RS with the help of iou-web, but I required real hardware lab to complete the training which was a big expense. Having unetlab I can build the SP lab 100% virtual and practice design and scenarios ready for the test.

I am Head of ICT for Moraitis Communications, an ICT Company in Sydney, Australia.

James Joyce

Roman Dodin - Alcatel (Russia)

A group of IP engineers pursuing various goals such as certification exams practicing, interop testing or some other hands-on activities demand extensive hardware resources. To satisfy the demand for additional routers virtualization technologies come to the rescue. Unified Networking Lab being a multi-user, client-free, well-supported environment became choice #1 for us to run Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Virtual Service Router. Ability to run many virtual routers in any topology interconnected with real hardware in our lab basically created personal laboratory environment for each engineer.

Roman Dodin

Anton Zyablov - Nokia (Russia)

From my point of view the UNetLab project is a great tool both for newbies and experienced telecom engineers, who work in labs and build networks from scratch. Due to flexibility, VM multi-vendor support, multi-user features and a powerful interface it has become an indispensable tool for daily usage and network design elaboration for NOKIA customers. One of its remarkable features is the ability to quickly reproduce the real customer environment for BNG applications, which allows us speedup issue investigation, search workarounds and perform dry run tests without spending night and day on PoC setup. This software brings unmeasurable value to NOKIA BNG projects and helps increase the quality of solutions provided to our customers.

Anton Zyablov, IP Networks - Nokia

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